Machine Center is a family-owned business with a 63 year history in the midwest. We were founded by James R. McLaughlin, Sr. in St. Louis in 1960. Jim (my Dad) was a "Hump Pilot" in WWII, part of the Army Air Corps' effort to fly cargo over the Himalayas.

After the war, and back home in the midwest, Jim started a plating company and a family in Alton, Illinois. Always fascinated with machines and tools, Jim found his way into the screw machine business in 1960. He purchased Thau Screw Products and, over time, grew it into one of the premier screw machine shops in the region. By 1985, Thau Screw had 30 employees, owned it's 15,000 sq ft building and owned every piece of equipment inside. Acme-Gridleys, Browne & Sharpe's and more secondary equipment than you can imagine. Remember, back then, secondary operations didn't often happen on the same machine.

In the late 80's we acquired another machine shop with a very technical background that was making parts for the aerospace and medical industries. This added a high level of skill, project management and machining capability to our production capabilities. The combined shops result in the business as we know it today: Machine Center, Inc. We're a high tech, ISO Certified company with deep roots in the machining industry.

In a time of faster, better, cheaper, we're fast and better and a best value...but we haven't lost the values that have been instilled over a long period of time...the basic values of integrity, quality and service.


Donald S. McLaughlin, President

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Tom Tuohy, General Manager

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